Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The journey of a Nokia 1100

I think it was mid 2006 when my dad, on a lot of insistence by everyone in the family, went with me to finally buy a mobile for himself. It didn't take long for him to decide that he wanted to buy the Nokia 1100 which was the most popular phone of that time. It came with Nokia's trust and the tagline 'Made for India'. This was the first thing which attracted me to it. My dad bought the phone, but I ended up playing with it in the initial days. That was the phone which taught me everything from T9 messaging to speed dialing to composing ringtones.

Then I got my first official mobile phone which was the Nokia 3100 (still no camera :) ) and I was fascinated with that too. I got so used to that phone that I could type messages, call anyone or open any application without even looking at the screen. But unfortunately, it didn't last long. Withing about 18 months, its battery started swelling up, so much so that at one point, I was afraid it might actually blow up. That is when I switched to the Nokia N72 which I used for a very long time.

Meanwhile my dad had also ditched the 1100 for a Motorola L6 and it landed with my Mom who had just started using the mobile phone and then eventually came to my sister. She was the one who owned that phone for a long time until finally she got herself a Nokia which was from the 6000 series, I don't remember the name though. It was then that the old 1100 went into retirement. Everyone was happy with their new phones and nobody really cared about the dad of all these new phones.

It again entered service briefly when my N72 suddenly slipped off my hands and the display stopped working. I went back to using the good ol' 1100 for a little while before I entered the "smartphone world" when I bought my Samsung Galaxy S. Since then, nobody has been using 1100 and it just sat around in my room catching dust. Actually it didn't catch dust as I think it was the only dust resistant phone ever produced.

Recently, my sister thought it would be a good idea putting her phone with her lunch box until she realized that mobile phones are not really fond of indian cuisine. Her phone's display refused to work and she was forced to look for other alternatives. She used my dad's old Motorola L6 for a little while before that phone refused to charge itself. It was then that she turned to the savior called the Nokia 1100.

When I saw the milky white screen light up for the first time in about 2 years, I felt an immense satisfaction in me. I was so fascinated that I threw my Galaxy S aside and played with the 1100 for a couple of days. It was great to play the classic Snake game, type the messages on the soft button keypad, use a phone which fits so nicely in your hands that you don't have to be careful that it will slip and fall off. Even if it does fall, all you need to do is pick it up and keep using it.

Though it doesn't qualify to be called a "smartphone" and lacks all the so-called essential features like a camera or a data connection, this phone will always be one of my favorite phones of all time and I'm quite sure this journey will go on for years to come.


Riyaz Munna said...
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Riyaz Munna said...

Haha..nice one Faheem. It deserved a spot in ur blog after all those services it provided :p nothing can beat Nokia 1100. I think u can pass on this phone to the next generations :p

nafees said...

I loved the line,'Dust resistant phone ever produced!' which is so true! :D
and the above comment just gave me an idea..I have decided to gift this phone to your kids now :)

Shravya said...

I totally agree dude..it was such a damn good phone... wish nokia becomes the leader again but i dont think thats gonna happen.. huh?

zainab said...

This phone really is something.. given my history with phones, this is the only phone that worked after repeated accidents.. I once dropped it off d moving auto n a bike even ran over it but it still worked just fine but yea display was gne.. and I once forgot it in the auto n d auto guy called my dad n gave it back to our place.. lol..

sriram said...

though, I have not had a 1100, I really miss the torch light feature and the snake game. Lots of sentiments were attached to that game. I used to play snake game the night before the exam and thought the score in the exam was proportional to the score in the game !! silly but, the phone did revolutionized India!!

Wasim said...

Haha... Nice post! I also used that phone for some time. I like it.