Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The journey of a Nokia 1100

I think it was mid 2006 when my dad, on a lot of insistence by everyone in the family, went with me to finally buy a mobile for himself. It didn't take long for him to decide that he wanted to buy the Nokia 1100 which was the most popular phone of that time. It came with Nokia's trust and the tagline 'Made for India'. This was the first thing which attracted me to it. My dad bought the phone, but I ended up playing with it in the initial days. That was the phone which taught me everything from T9 messaging to speed dialing to composing ringtones.

Then I got my first official mobile phone which was the Nokia 3100 (still no camera :) ) and I was fascinated with that too. I got so used to that phone that I could type messages, call anyone or open any application without even looking at the screen. But unfortunately, it didn't last long. Withing about 18 months, its battery started swelling up, so much so that at one point, I was afraid it might actually blow up. That is when I switched to the Nokia N72 which I used for a very long time.

Meanwhile my dad had also ditched the 1100 for a Motorola L6 and it landed with my Mom who had just started using the mobile phone and then eventually came to my sister. She was the one who owned that phone for a long time until finally she got herself a Nokia which was from the 6000 series, I don't remember the name though. It was then that the old 1100 went into retirement. Everyone was happy with their new phones and nobody really cared about the dad of all these new phones.

It again entered service briefly when my N72 suddenly slipped off my hands and the display stopped working. I went back to using the good ol' 1100 for a little while before I entered the "smartphone world" when I bought my Samsung Galaxy S. Since then, nobody has been using 1100 and it just sat around in my room catching dust. Actually it didn't catch dust as I think it was the only dust resistant phone ever produced.

Recently, my sister thought it would be a good idea putting her phone with her lunch box until she realized that mobile phones are not really fond of indian cuisine. Her phone's display refused to work and she was forced to look for other alternatives. She used my dad's old Motorola L6 for a little while before that phone refused to charge itself. It was then that she turned to the savior called the Nokia 1100.

When I saw the milky white screen light up for the first time in about 2 years, I felt an immense satisfaction in me. I was so fascinated that I threw my Galaxy S aside and played with the 1100 for a couple of days. It was great to play the classic Snake game, type the messages on the soft button keypad, use a phone which fits so nicely in your hands that you don't have to be careful that it will slip and fall off. Even if it does fall, all you need to do is pick it up and keep using it.

Though it doesn't qualify to be called a "smartphone" and lacks all the so-called essential features like a camera or a data connection, this phone will always be one of my favorite phones of all time and I'm quite sure this journey will go on for years to come.

Saturday, September 24, 2011


Indians have this amazing gift of translating other languages literally, word to word into English or any other language which sometimes turns out to be funny.

Me and my friend were in KFC the other day and this was the conversation we had with the salesguy there.

KFC guy : Hi, Can I have your order please?
My Friend : yes, I'll have a 3 piece chicken meal, with chocolash instead of pepsi and large fries.
KFC guy : OK.
My Friend : Can you please repeat the order for me?
KFC guy : yes. Its a 3-piece chicken meal with large fries and pepsi instead of, chocolash.

(Mind you, this is a literal word to word translation of the sentence in hindi or telugu
Hindi : Pepsi ke badle mein Chocolash
Telugu : Pepsi ki badulu ga Chocolash
English : Pepsi instead of, Chocolash)

My friend : I'm sorry, but I said a Chocolash instead of a pepsi.
KFC guy : yes, Pepsi instead of, Chocolash. (again)
My friend : no, its Chocolash instead of pepsi.
Me : We do NOT need pepsi, and we need Chocolash instead of it.
KFC guy : yes sir. That is what I'm saying. Your order is pepsi instead of, Chocolash. No pepsi, but instead of, Chocolash.

That's when we understood what he meant. This is a common practice here and people who are not aware of it will find it a bit difficult to understand it.

I remember many teachers in my 11th and 12th used to say "why because" instead of just "because" as it again is a literal translation.
(Hindi : Kyon ki..
Telugu : Enduku ante..)

I recently came across another such example. When anybody has to ask someone their name in India, we have a practice of asking, "What is your good name?"
Now, I didn't really know how a name is judged to be "good" or "bad". But it seemed to be a convention to be followed. But when I recently searched if there is actually any specific reason for this, I came to know that this convention is derived again from Hindi where people generally ask, "aapka shubhnaam kya hai?" which translates to "What is your good name?".
That's when I decided that if someone asks me my good name, I'm going to reply, "Well, my name is Faheem. Now you decide if its good or bad." :P

When I was in school, we had this rule of speaking only English and so I got to hear lots of such literal translations. But to find them funny, you will have to know the language they have been translated from.

But the best part is that we Indians use these things in our normal day to day life, with so much confidence as if there is no mistake at all.

But then, I'm not saying Indians are bad at learning a language. Indians get a hang of the English language faster than anyone else in the world, if you ask me. I would dare anyone in the world to learn Hindi as fast as we can learn English. Moreover, Indians do have an accent but that sounds closest to any English speaking guy, definitely better than a Chinese or a Russian guy speaking English. But again, this is a totally comparative statement as every region has their own accent and a Chinese or a Russian guy might find his accent closer to English than the Indian accent.

Now, I realize that I have reached a point where I really don't know what I'm typing. So that's an indication that I should end my post here. Frankly, I've lost my blogging instinct totally, and so it's up to you guys to keep commenting and get me back that "blogger instinct".

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Cricket and India

I knew cricket is something of a religion in our country but I understood it better today on the day of the world cup quarter final between India and Australia. I have seen instances before when Sachin Tendulkar finally achieved what humans thought was impossible (200 in an ODI match), and other tense matches. But this one stood out completely for various reasons, one being a world cup quarter final, two, the opponents being Australia who have been the world champions for so long now (I, frankly was bored of it), three being an occasion for Sachin to break more records and create even more records.

Anyways, I went to the office as usual. I was a bit late, so I thought its better to run to the work station rather than stopping by at the cafeteria. The match had started by then. (I missed the exclusive pre-match predictions and discussions at the office) When I reached office, I noticed that every computer I saw either cricinfo or rediff open with the score updates. Obviously, I also had it open on my PC. I didn't bother looking at the scores as long as the Australians were batting. I was just watching it once in a while. Finally I noticed that they closed in for 260/6 in 50 overs which, according to me is a reasonable total and can easily be chased. But looking at the way the indian team performed in the last couple of games, I still had doubts at the back of my mind.

When the indian batting started, I decided to go to the cafeteria to watch the match as I really wanted to see if Sachin and Sehwag can have a blasting start again together. When I went down to the cafeteria, thats when I realised the magnitude of hype that was around this match. We have two small televsions in the cafeteria and one of them is connected to the projector screen. Though it was past 6:45 PM when the buses leave from office, I saw that more than half the office strength was present in the cafeteria. There were huge groups formed around each television like ants around spilled sugar, and the projector was a mini theatre with the number of people increasing as time went by.

Anyways, I watched the match for about 30 mins and then went back to my workstation. I unlocked my system to find my onsite co-ordinators had pinged me about some issues. I started replying to them and looking into the issues. Whenever there was a boundary or a wicket, someone in the bay would announce it so loud that everyone knows.

Then the match started getting interesting, in fact very interesting. I opened cricinfo on my PC again as I didn't want to miss any updates. I was continuously toggling Alt+Tab and F5 buttons, debugging the code in one window and refreshing cricinfo webpage in the other. Soon, ball by ball updates started flowing in the bay. The excitement got to the nerves of a lot of people now and they started locking their computers and going down to watch the match live. I also thought of doing it, but again my issues made sure I was kept busy. Later, I could not take the tension any more and went down to watch the match and to my surprise, the strength had not decreased much though it was about 10:00 PM.

Comments followed every ball. Aahs, Oohs whenever Yuvraj got close to getting out. Finally when he hit the winning boundary, the atmosphere in the cafeteria was no less than a full house stadium. After the win, I came back to the work station with a feeling as if I had won the match for India. Some people already started celebrating as they felt knocking Aussies out of the world cup is a bigger achievement than winning the world cup itself. Others were busy discussing strategies for the semi final against Pakistan.

All this excitement vanished in an instant when I unlocked my PC and found the issues still pending. Lazily, I started looking into them though I was in no mood at all to work. I somehow completed it and grabbed my bag and headed for the lifts.

When I reached reception, while the security guard checked my bag (yes, our bags are checked when we leave office, not when we enter), he asked me, "So, did you stay back to watch the match?"
I replied, "Not really, my shift is until 10:30 PM. But yeah, I did see the match. Great one! I hope they win against Pakistan in the semis".
He said, "I'm happy, they knocked Australia out of the world cup, sir. They've won it three times already. Someone else should win it this time."
I mentally started verifying if it was really three times. 1999, 2003 and 2007. Ya, he's right.
I said, "yeah, but if India has to win it, they have to beat Pakistan in the semis. Pakistan does seem to be in a good form this time."
He said, "India will definitely beat Pakistan in the semi finals, sir. India has never lost to Pakistan in a world cup match." He said that with so much confidence as if we was reading out Newton's fourth law.
He added, "I hope Sachin also gets his 100 fifties in that match."
I wondered if he knows more world cup statistics than cricinfo itself.
I didn't have any answer to that. I just smiled and said, "I hope so", and picked up my bag and left.

I then realized how much trust each and every Indian has on the Indian cricket team. Its definitely not just a game in this country. I hope the Indian team keeps up the trust this time and gets the world cup home.

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A Work of Fiction :P

Inspired by the way a few of my friends have described things, I thought I should describe something which could happen to someone (or anyone) ;).

Disclaimer : The incidents described below are a work of pure fiction and any resemblance of the below characters with anyone living or dead is purely coincidental and not at all intentional.

There was this person A who was new in the IT industry. Being a fresher, he was quite excited about everything. B was A's manager at his company. A was obviously very obliging and polite to B. More so as this was his first job and he didn't want to take any risks with his career.

B would generally talk to him once a day about how things are and A would reply politely saying he's doing fine. There was not much interaction between the two apart from this occasional formal dialogue.

One day B asks A a doubt about not being able to make some changes in a document. A points out that B is using an older version of MS Office and advises him to install the latest version. B was impressed and A was feeling quite happy with himself.

B now needs some urgent changes and so uses A's computer on which the latest version of MS Office is installed. While working, B talks casually to A asking about things such as where he lives and about his college life. A answered all his questions being extra polite as usual.

On being asked where A lives, A replies, "I live at XYZ area."
Apparently B was new to the city and he got confused between XYZ and YZX and he tells A, "I live near XYZ too. I live at ABC".

Now since A has been living in the city for more than 5 years, he figured that B was confused between XYZ and YXZ. But he didn't want to correct him as he felt B would feel offended. A just nodded in agreement.

That night while B was leaving for the day, A was still working. B offered to drop A at YZX (which B thought was XYZ). A thanked him for the offer but said he had his own bike, at which B left.

The next day B didn't have a transport to his place in ABC and he figured why not ask A for a lift as he lives in YXZ which is near ABC. But as a matter of fact, A lives in XYZ which is quite far from ABC. When B asked A to drop him, A cursed himself as to why he didn't correct him the other day.

Now A was in such a position where he can't correct B since if he does that, B would ask him why he didn't correct him the day before and might feel offended again. A also can't refuse to drop B as B is A's boss and this could again lead to consequences and most of all A was getting to leave office early by dropping B. So A had no choice but to oblige and drop B at ABC.

On the way to ABC, A tried to explain to B that XYZ and YXZ were two different places quite far apart. But evidently he was not successful as this repeated for two more days. On the fourth day when B was ready to leave, A had a lot of work to be done and A said its going to take a lot of time for him to leave. B said 'OK' and left.

Again A was apprehensive about that incident as he thought B felt offended by that. But since then B never asked A for a lift. One reason for that being that B shifted to an area PQR which is in a completely different direction and B had now an idea of the city enough to make that out.

As months went by, A and B had more and more interactions and A was more comfortable with talking to B. About 5 months after the above incident, B again had to go to the place in ABC and he again turned to A for help. This time A was comfortable enough to explain to B that XYZ and YZX were two different places which were far off, but also accepted to drop B at ABC. B smiled at that. A and B now have a great understanding and gel quite well.

Now I would like to ask the readers what they would have done in a situation in which A and B were present. You can take either person's perspective.. ;)

Sunday, August 29, 2010


Blah Blah Blah Blah................................
This is for all those people who say I don't talk much. Well, if you want me to talk to you, please come up with some good topics. Its simply because, I'm too lazy to do so.

Meanwhile, there is absolutely nothing interesting to report. Its been a long time since I posted anything here as I have now finally gotten busy. Well, my company thought that I have now reached the required level of expertise in table tennis and they finally assigned me to a project.

By the way, its been ages since I played table tennis. I miss it though. About one month back, I played one match in the lunch break and my legs started aching the other day. I couldn't even figure out why my legs were aching. I realized it was TT when I passed the TT tables the next day.

Well I also went on a tour with my friends. We were a group of 5. But that was 2 months ago. So most of the people who are reading this know about it. By the way, I'm still waiting for the pics, Riyaz and Sailendra. Wasim, what happened to the video????

Well thats it for now. Some of the readers complain that my posts are awfully long. So, I'm trying to cut them short. (The actual reason though is I don't have anything to say.. So people.... Topics..???!!!! )

Please comment some good topics that I can write on and you can comment on. :)

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Midnight Blues...

I took a vacation of 4 days this week as I felt I was being over worked.. :P you know, with the tt, and cafeteria, and checking mails. Thats a lot of pressure. ;) But eventually the vacation turned out to be a bit too boring, thanks to the scorching heats of march (OMG!! Its just March. I wonder how its going to be in May!!!) and the competition for TV between IPL matches and saas-bahu soaps.

Anyways, this happened while I was returning to Hyderabad after the vacation. I had a confirmed ticket in a train supposed to be reaching Hyderabad early in the morning of 17th March so as to reach office in time. I reached the railway station well in advance before the arrival of the train and was waiting patiently for it.

When the train arrived, I went over to the compartment and reached my berth only to see that someone was already sleeping there.

I thought to myself, "Why do people occupy berths reserved for others?"

The person sleeping there was about my age. So, I woke him up and asked him if he had a reservation. He looked at me with a disgusted look (obviously for waking him up form his deep sleep) and replied saying he did have reservation for that berth. I was a bit surprised because I didn't expect this reply. I just thought he'd say sorry and leave. He then produced his ticket and that surprised me even more. The date of the journey was same and so were the compartment and berth numbers. I just could not believe how the same berth was reserved for two different people.

As I was standing there puzzled, I saw another passenger facing the exact same problem with another berth. Meanwhile I looked at my counterpart and he was staring at me with the same disgusting look on his face. I gave his ticket back to him and he went back to his deep sleep.

Now I started thinking there was a bug in the Indian Railways online booking system. How could two reservations be provided for a single berth. This had never happened to me before. I recollected that in one of the training sessions it was mentioned there was a loss of some million dollars every year (I'm very bad at remembering figures) due to software bugs. Now I thought I was the victim of one of them.

I frantically looked around for the Travelling Ticket Examiner (TTE). When I found him on the platform, I ran up to him and complained about my problem. He looked at the ticket and then looked up to me.
He asked, "What is the date today?"
I replied "16th March ofcourse."
He said "Think again. Its past midnight now."

It was then the truth dawned on me. I realized how stupid I have been. The departure time of that particular train from my station was 00:10 AM which means technically the date of journey is 17th March and not 16th March. I had the confirmed ticket for 16th March, which means I had the ticket for the same train which left last night. But the passenger who showed me his ticket had boarded the train at an earlier station and the departure time at his station was before midnight and hence his date of journey was 16th March. 10 small minutes could make such a difference.

I then realized that it was not a software bug, but a human intelligence bug. I then wondered how much loss was caused in an year due to this human intelligence error. To top it all I noticed there were 6 other passengers who had made the same mistake.

Now I started wondering what could be done. I wouldn't be able to find any buses at this point of time and even if I do I won't reach in time for office. I then thought I should bunk the office tomorrow and call sick. I liked the plan so much that I even started scripting the mail to my supervisor in my head. But right then I realized this was not college.

I went up to the TTE and asked if anything could be done. He told me the ticket I was holding was no more valid. I had to buy a new ticket and travel without confirmation. The thought of making a night journey without a berth seemed impossible. But then again, my determination to go to the office drove me through ;)

I rushed to the ATM (coz I didn't even have enough cash for another ticket. Talk about preparation), took another ticket from the counter. The person at the counter already had a ticket printed. I suppose he was expecting people like me. Surprisingly the train was still on the platform as if waiting for me. I showed the ticket to the TTE this time and he said I wasn't allowed to travel in the reserved compartment now.I put my desperate-est face that I could make and he asked me to wait in the last reserved compartment.

Halfway through the journey, he comes up to me and the other passengers and again tells us we are not supposed to be staying in a reserved compartment. I was only cursing myself for not taking care of the date, or I'd be happily sleeping on the berth where someone else was snoring. After about 15 mins of pleading and requesting, he provided us with berths at a little "extra cost." (After all its INDIAN RAILWAYS).

Well, since this episode I decided I'll be very particular about the time and date from now on. But just now while chatting with a friend online, I made the same mistake. Its four hours past midnight and I still say "tomorrow" when its "today". God help me.

Anyways, thats it for now. Midnight is certainly a dangerous time, for many reasons other than the vampires and demons.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Morning Flow-chart


6:00 AM : Alarm rings. I wake up, put up the water for heating.

6:05 AM : Leave for jogging.

6:30 AM : Have a bath, get ready for office.

6:45 AM : Facebook and orkut while waiting for breakfast.

7:00 AM : Have the breakfast.

7:15 AM : Get everything ready for leaving.

7:25 AM : Leave for the bus stop.

7:35-7:40 AM : Reach the bus stop. Wait for the bus.

8:00 AM : Catch the bus at the bus stop. Reach office by 8:30.


6:00 AM : Alarm rings. Snooze and go back to sleep.

6:15 AM : Alarm rings again. Snooze again and go back to sleep.

6:30 AM : Alarm rings again. Get up, stop the alarm, put the water for heating and go back to sleep.

7:10 AM : Breakfast arrives. Jump up in bed, hurry to switch off the heater (only to find it switched off already)

7:15 AM : Brush the teeth, and have a bath.

7:30 AM : Switch the PC on and start facebooking and orkutting.

7:35 AM : Have breakfast, while messaging Wasim asking him how he's going to the office.

Case 1: Wasim is getting his car.

7:45 AM : Get back to facebook and orkut while having breakfast.

8:05-8:10 AM : Wasim messages that he's leaving. Leave for the bus stop. Come back to get the forgotten wallet and ID card. Hurry again to the bus stop and find Wasim waiting. Reach the office by 8:30-8:45 AM.

Case 2: Wasim isn't getting his car.

7:45 AM : Shut the computer down, finish breakfast and hurriedly put on the shoes.

7:55 AM : Leave for the bus stop, come back to collect the forgotten wallet and ID card, and leave again.

8:00-8:05 AM : Find the bus coming even before reaching the bus stop, wave your ID card at the driver like a crazy joker until he stops the bus and says, "The bus stop is at Pizza Hut. You are not supposed to stop the bus on the way like this".
Miss the bus, wait for another 10 minutes hoping its late. When there's no sign of the bus, get into one of those autos and keep cursing self for sleeping late in the morning.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

While I was away again..

I can't believe I'm starting this post sitting right inside the training room. Well, apparently I've arrived too early and though I have an activity to complete, my mind suddenly thought of blogging. Its strange because I was doing absolutely nothing all these months and I couldn't think of anything to write.

Just yesterday there was this long lecture about how we have got to get serious, start working hard, stop taking things easy, and all. The trainer was saying "Its just these two months, and then you can ENJOY. " :) I HATE it when someone says that. When I was in school my parents would say, 10th standard is the first step in my academic life. I should work hard for it and if I do get a nice score, I can ENJOY later, which wasn't true at all. In fact, it was the opposite. The better you score in your 10th, the more you are made to work hard in 12th. But then the teachers would say, "its just these two years, and then you can ENJOY." This is partly true, coz I did enjoy my Engineering life (but then it wasn't because of my 12th score. Apparently, everyone enjoys their graduate life.)

And now this guy says we are going to enjoy after training, and that doesn't even seem true. I know I have to slog for the rest of my life, 9 hours a day in front of a computer screen. Anyways, I do know that I have to work hard if I have to stay here. Thats a direct way of asking us to work hard, and well, he did that too. :D

Anyways, I realized about 3 months ago that sitting idle at home has had adverse affect on me. (well, all my pants have gotten tight.) So I decided I will start working out to get back in shape. And then it took me 2 months to go buy a pair of jogging shoes (hey that was Prahlad's fault. He never had the time to come with me.) and I finally started jogging a month ago. Well, I was hardly able to walk to my office cab after the first day of jogging. But in this period of about one month, I've "re-started" jogging at least 10 times, for various reasons. :D Once, I sleep late, another time its too cold, and the third time, its a sunday, and the fourth time... No, the reasons start getting more ridiculous now. :D

Well the post has to end here as the trainer has come now and if he sees me blogging, I just might be in some serious trouble. The more important reason though, is that I can't think of anything else to write :)

So, as always, please get back to the extremely difficult task of commenting on my stupid posts. Becuase, you know, I'm waiting for them. :)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

A day to remember.

I woke up early today, after a short sleep of just 2 hours. Not because its my birthday, but because I had my neural networks exam and I had hardly read anything for it. At that moment, little did I know that this was going to be my most memorable birthday till date. I desperately, though unsuccessfully tried to complete two full units in the morning. And started off for the exam at 8. Touseef was to pick me up at the bus stop and we both were go to Yasir's place from where we went to the exam centre with him.

Even at Yaisr's place, I had the book in my hand but was talking about yesterday's matches. DC's fantastic win over Mumbai and Barcelona's last minute goal over Chelsea. We didn't realise that there was something in store for us which was even more thrilling than those matches. We all started for the exam centre (CBIT) at about 9:20 (the exam was to start at 10 and CBIT is easily 20km away). We took the outer ring road route as it was a lot quicker compared to the conventional route. Not that it was shorter, but the road was just great and with a driver like Yasir, it can only get better.

When you see a straight road ahead of you with no vehicles around, your foot automatically starts working the accelerator pedal. The road was empty except for a few trucks which were on the sides of the road (as the road is under construction and has been so for the past 2 years). We were making another unsuccessful attempt at reading. I was sitting in the front beside Yasir and that made it absolutely impossible for me to look into the book. We were joking about our preparation and the kinds of trick people adopt to get marks in the exam.

Everything was fine until we noticed a truck crossing the road about 100 metres ahead of us. We were at a speed of about 80 at that moment. The car before us just passed the truck and Yasir sounded his horn expecting the truck driver to let him pass through. But surprisingly, the truck was still crossing the road, blocking it almost fully now. The distance reduced to almost half. Yasir started deccelerating, but clearly there was not enough space for him to stop the car before the truck. We were still hoping the truck to either pass away in front of us or to stop to let us pass. But it was still moving with that same speed of maybe 10Kmph.
Was the truck driver drunk?
Was he deaf?
Was he blind?
Was there a driver in the truck at all?

Before the next question could pop in my head, there it was, my first major road accident (not that I was to experience more in life). Judging that now there was no way to go past this ghostly truck, Yasir steered the car in the direction parallel to the truck. But given to our speed, we couldn't do anything much but to crash into it. By God's grace, it was not such a hard impact (or I'd not be in a position to write this blog now, or the exam in the morning). Yasir was exposed to the maximum risk as he was in the driver's seat, but Alhamdulillah, even he was safe. Once the vehicles stopped, it took us all a while to overcome the shock. By the time, we stepped out of the car (wrecked totally) we noticed the truck driver running far away. (We later came to know that he had abandoned the moving truck on seeing us and ran away even before we hit the truck). There was little we could do to catch him. Everybody was on their phones trying to get help from somewhere. Rafeeq who also was on his way to the exam centre stopped his car by us and now there was a little crowd that got accumulated. People stopped by and asked if there were any injuries or casualties.

Apart from all this, there was another problem. We had to reach CBIT in time for the exam. Anand and Sailendra were kind enough to send their cars to the location for us to reach the exam centre. On the way, I still had my book in my hand but I realised that my mind was totally blank now. Little that I had read was gone and everything was starting to seem new to me. We reached CBIT just in time for the exam, which is generally not the case (half of my exam prep is generally done at the centre during the 30 mins before the test).

During the test, I could not concentrate on writing. (Not that I write all the other tests with concentration, but we need some concentration to imagine all the strange things that need to be written). I was repeatedly thinking about the accident in the morning. What would have been the situation if we crashed straight into the truck? Was there any way we could have avoided the accident? blah blah.. Among all this, I managed to fill up some shit in the paper which might actually get me through in the subject.

As I walked out of the exam hall, people were waiting for me. I thought everybody was curious to know about what happened in the morning. But apparently I was wrong. Everybody there were waiting to kick my arse. I don't understand this whole concept of birthday bumps. I think its a way of saying "There also needs to be some reason to cry on your birthday. You just can't be happy the whole day." And moreover they wanted to make these bumps special coz these are supposedly going to be the last birthday bumps anybody is going to get. So, as you can expect my situation became unbearable in a matter of minutes. After kicking me like a sack of potatoes (in two rounds) everyone wished me a happy birthday (which didn't feel happy anymore. I'm still sitting on a cushion while typing this blog).

Given the night out yesterday and the turn of events today, the only thing I could do on reaching home was to jump on the bed and sleep. Just woke up two hours ago and thought of writing this post.

Those who thought of wishing me a happy birthday on reading this post, you don't need to take the pains as you know now how happy my birthday has been lol..

Looking forward to your comments as usual.

P.S: Please pray that everyone in this world drives safely and there are no road accidents as you don't know how horrible they are unless you are experiencing it. 

Friday, April 3, 2009

The last days..

Today I bunked my EVS internal. Did nothing significant though. I was just roaming around the campus with my group of friends. We were actually waiting for the farewell party to start which was scheduled at 3:00 pm. At 3:30, the seminar hall was thrown open and we rushed to the last seats like we always do in the classrooms. I thought the farewell is going to be really boring with the teachers gracing the dais and giving long lectures about how life is going to be really difficult outside the college gates, and how we need to behave with everyone and be a proud student of MJCET blah blah.........

But to my great surprise and immense relief, it was nothing of that sort. Students were being called one by one by the teachers and they were asked to share their views about the four years of engineering they have experienced. It was among these messages or small speeches, that I realized I had missed the last internal of my engineering. I suddenly felt bad about it. Deep in my heart I felt I missed an iconic event in my life. But then I thought, Embedded Systems is good enough to be the last internal of my engineering.

I then remembered the first internal I had taken in the college. It was English and I was always frightened of language papers since I was in school, because its always been a general perception that you can never score in languages. And moreover this was engineering, which means semester system, with internals and externals, which means every mark in the internals is going to count for my total aggregate, which means I have to work hard for every internal as the internal marks are going to be the average of all the internals I take, which means every exam in all these four years is going to effect my final aggregate, which means I just can't leave a sigh of relief after every year and move on like I did in school. But then I came to know that it was much more easy here. U don't need to study loads and loads like you did in school. Just keep in touch with your friends and get the questions messaged to your mobile phone. Or even better, get the answers messaged during the exam.

We also had our farewell party (apart from the official one) recently, and I had a great time. The start to the party was dull but then it caught up and we really had a lot of fun. Except the part when we played dumb charades and I was asked to enact Howrah Bridge pe latki hui laash. (how on earth would you enact that??!!) Then during the last one hour or so, there were so many photographs being clicked by everyone. The scene was something like a press conference or a high profile party where the journalists are really busy clicking photographs of everyone they see. There were so many lights flashing, that it created an ambience of a disco (I know I'm exaggerating this a bit.. lol..)

After I returned home today, I was going through the photographs and the videos of the party. They were just great. Some really funny, and some iconic. I don't know how I'm going to feel when I look at them about 2 months from now. I get really scared thinking about that. These are the people whom I didn't even know about 3 and a half years ago and now it feels really awkward when I think of leaving them. I'm definitely going to miss those parties, those gatherings, bunking classes, canteen meetings, long drives, birthday bumps, silly jokes, long chats, proxy attendances, back bench masti, copying assignments, innovating new methods to copy during the internals, night outs before the exams, the long tour, and what not??!!

I'm not such an emotional person, but thoughts like these pour out continuously when we have an exam to study for. And yes, I have my lab internal the day after tomorrow and I don't know a word in it. So, instead of studying for it, I'm busy writing this blog post. Before I screw up my exam totally, I guess I'll go read something. See u in the next post, which may probably be posted during my theory external exams.

Nevertheless, your comments are always welcome. :)

P.S: For those who have doubts regarding the start and end of this post, I started this on the day of our last internal i.e thursday the 2nd of april 2009, and ended it today, i.e saturday, the 4th of april 2009.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

A Night walk

I like long walks and more so when its night. The atmosphere then is calm and quiet and that is how I like it. I have not really experienced any morning walks as I'm too lazy to wake up that early. Anyways, it was quite late in the night and I was returning from my aunt's place to my room. I could not get a direct bus and so, I thought I'd take two connecting buses. I got the first bus which left me at a bus stop which was about half way to my room. After a long and unsuccessful wait for a connecting bus to my place, I decided to walk to the next bus stop.

As I started walking I thought I'll play a game which I used to play with my cousins and friends when I was a kid, just to keep myself busy. I had to look at the numbers of all the vehicles that pass and if I find a repeated number, I'd pat myself. I know its such a silly game but I needed something like this to keep me from getting bored.
There goes a "888".
"Good start to the game", I thought to myself as I pat myself thrice for it.

As I walked, I first came across a police check post. They had set this up for checking late night bikers who are generally drunk. I saw the people who were being checked with tensed and frightened looks on their faces. Some of them were pleading to the officers to leave them (obviously trying to bribe them). Some others were just being pulled aside. I thought I too would be stopped but nobody bothered as I passed them. None of the bike numbers had consecutive digits.

After walking for some more time, I saw two young guys who were about to get into a fight. They were having a verbal fight with each other and there were two more people (possibly their friends) who were trying to stop them. Now, I'm not that kind of a guy who'd like to poke his nose into everything. But there came a gentleman on a bike who seemed so concerned about this. He reversed his bike, stopped by them, and started investigating the matter. I had no interest in knowing what the fight was all about and I walked on. I thought what would happen to these people if the policemen, who were barely 200 meters away, caught them fighting.

Then I came across a stray dog which was walking in the opposite direction on the footpath. It suddenly stopped in front of me and I too stopped walking. We both looked at each other, though neither of us understood each other's expressions. The dog was probably frightened that I'd kick it and I was tensed wondering if it would chase me. Then I suddenly remembered what my friend had once said. He had seen it in Animal Planet that looking at an animal directly into its eyes means challenging it to a fight for its mate. I wasn't challenging that stray dog for anything. So, I just looked forward and walked on, hoping it won't follow me. Luckily, the dog went on its own way, least bothered about me.

The roads were empty and the vehicles sped away really fast. I kept noticing the numebrs. There was then a signboard in front of me which had many places written on it and their distances from that point. It started with Mumbai (which was 700 odd kilometres away), followed by Pune (500 odd kilometres away). I asked myself if I'd be able to walk so much distance. I then wondered if I had walked so much distance in all my life till now. The list ended with Kukatpally (11 KM). Now this was a reasonable distance and I can definitely try walking to Kukatpally. But right now, I'm going to my place and thats not in Kukatpally. So, I walk on.

I finally reached the next bus stop and waited in vain for another 5 mins. No buses on my route. By now I had started enjoying my walk and I decided to walk all the way to my place. Just then an auto-wallah stopped his vehicle beside me. I noticed his number. No consecutive digits.
"Kidhar jaana hai saab?", he asked me.
I know that he'll definitely ask me for an amount which I'd not agree upon. So, I decided to let go of this useless bargain. I just shook my head and walked on.

Since I started blogging, I've changed the way I look at the things. I've started looking at everything from a "blog point of view". It means that whenever I look at something, or something happens in my life, I start thinking if I can write a post about it. Though I had been doing this for a long time, I could not find an appropriate topic to write a post on.
There goes a car with number "0200".
"Fancy number, eh?!", I say to myself, patting my shoulder twice.
I looked at the hoardings around. They advertised a TV channel, a mobile service provider and a scooter. I found it funny to see the hoarding of a TV channel. TV channels themselves gain their income from advertisements and yet they pay for their own advertisement.
I then saw a Fiesta with number "9191". I wondered if I should pat myself for "ninety one - ninety one".
But then it would be against the rules and I didn't want to cheat. lol. So, I moved on.

Then came the small lane which had no street lights in it. I looked at the sky above and could see a few stars there. I noticed the Orion constellation. I remember watching it for the first time when I was in 5th standard. Its a constellation of 7 stars. 4 of them forming a trapezium sort of thing and the remianing 3 forming its diagonal.

After this long walk of about 3 KM which took me about 20 mins, I finally reached my place. I was now really happy with myself. Not because I reached my destination, but because I finally found the topic for my next post.. :):)

Monday, January 12, 2009

The 4 years called "Engineering"..

Long time since I posted something here, for the simple reason that I couldn't think of anything to post. I'm not even playing FIFA these days. I was so bored that I started thinking about strange things and wondered how it would have been if things were different. How would it be if I had got a call from any IIM? How would it be if I had an i20 from MIT? (I know I can't even dream of such things right now)

Anyways, I have to be content with what I have at the moment. No calls from IIM (forget IIM, with my score in CAT, I don't think I'll get an admit in the management college in our campus.) I'm happy I didn't apply for any universities abroad. Reasons are obvious. I didn't try hard for any of the above. I've been lazying around for the past four years. That brings me to the thought that I'm in 4-2 now and it means I'll be completing my B.E in less than 5 months, insha allah.

It seems like my life was on a fast forward mode, these four years. When I joined college, I thought I still had four years to go before I'd leave this place. It appeared a really long time to me. (Especially after coming out of a residential intermediate college. Those two years seemed longer than ten.)

I still remember the first day in this college. I was new not only to the college, but new to the city as well. As I sat on the last bench in the class (because all the front benches were occupied) I looked at all the other students. Everyone was talking to somebody or the other. Everyone there were excited and happy. I was searching to see at least one known face, but in vain. I was tensed. I wondered if I made the right choice by selecting a college in Hyderabad, away from home. It was my decision that I'd do my engineering away from home.

But now, as I look back, I realise I was not wrong. This was probably the best desicion I made in life. These four years have been the best in my life. I've had my share of laughs, cries, hugs and kicks. I've made a bunch of friends whom I've never met in the past, but hope to keep meeting them always in future.

I sometimes laugh at myself thinking how serious I was about my studies in my first year. (Then I also wonder why I can't be so serious now.) I was so serious, or rather stupid, that I didn't speak to a friend of mine for about 2 months for the simple reason that I lost 2 marks in physics internals as he didn't let me read before the exam. I had scored 23 off 25, and now scoring 23 in internals appears a dream. Thanks to my seriousness, I managed a decent % in the first year.

But then things started changing. Come second year and I hardly studied at home. I came to know what engineering is all about. It's about enjoying life to the maximum. We started bunking classes to play cricket or football. I'm an awful sportsman but still I'd play because running around the ground may seem physically difficult than sitting on a bench in the classroom but its actually much more easy with the kind of lectures we have in college. As a result my % in 2-1 had a steep fall compared to the first year and I resolved that I'd study hard from the next sem. (I've been making this resolution after every single exam since my school days, and I'm doing it even today but its just that I've never followed it.)

We got promoted to third year and now we started bunking classes for no reason. Attendance shortage list began increasing year after year. This was one thing I'd remember later in life, running after teachers asking for attendance. :) It was after 3-1, that I was urged by my parents to think about my life after engineering. I was in a big dilemma then. I had many options before me and all of them looked difficult. I ruled out MTech as I didn't want more core subjects (for reasons, you can have a look at my marks in the core subjects). So, my options narrowed down to MBA, MS and a job. MBA meant cracking CAT and it was again difficult. The academic year ended in this confusion.

I entered final year and the first thing we had to face were the campus placements. This was one thing I took seriously after my first year. I badly wanted to get selected in a good company. Couldn't get through Infosys (that was the first company which came to our campus). But thank god, I got selected in Accenture. I was so happy that I could do at least something fruitful. My 4 years are not going to go waste. But this selection affected my interest in other options (GRE and CAT). To be really honest, I was not interested in them anymore. The result, as you can see has been really pathetic. After the placements, I also took part in organising a technical event in the college and I ws feeling more and more happy with myself. But among these things, I completely neglected the subjects in 4-1 and my attendance fell to an all time low. (For details, refer the post "While I was away.." ) I hardly remembered the names of the subjects. But however I've given the exams and hope for the best result as always.. :)

And now, finally, I've reached the final semester. I don't know what I have achieved in these three and a half years or what I have lost. But I can only say I have no regrets about this and I'm happy I've been here and I'm happy I chose engineering.

--> To everyone who read my blogs and those whose blogs I've read. You people inspire me.
--> To the people who corrected my papers of EDC, AEC, PDSC, SATT, LICA, Analog & Digital Communications and DSP. I don't know what you saw in my paper but I thank you so much passing me out in these subjects. I hope I pass in 4-1 as well.
--> To the HR who took my interview during the Accenture placements. Thank you sir, for not asking too many technical questions.
--> To all my friends in MJ. You really made my life here rocking.

Friday, December 5, 2008

Whats in a name!!

The day started as usual with me getting up in the morning (I call it morning) at about 10:30. (My friend once asked me if I live in Australia). I checked my scraps, which is generaly the first thing I do in the morning on holidays, because my PC is nearer to me than my toothbrush. I then got ready for the friday namaz and after the namaz, I was browsing the internet when I saw this strange news.

"Exclusive: Does Faheem hold the key?"

I wondered what key would I be holding. I went on to read the details. I then discovered that "Faheem" there wasn't me, but a guy named Faheem Ansari, who was arrested early this year in UP. He is suspected to be connected to the recent Mumbai attacks.

I didn't really know how to react to this. I mean a guy with my name is suspected to be connected with one of the most horrible terror attacks in the country. How could this be possible? I thought all "Faheem"s are good people. I don't know why but I believed this since I was a child. But today I came to know that it was an illusion.

Before you jump to conclusions regarding what this post is all about, let me tell you that I'm not going to talk about the attacks or terrorism here. It's not even about "Faheem"s being good or bad people. Its just about my experiences with the name Faheem.

Faheem basically means one who understand with ease. Got this from wikipedia.. :-) Here's the link:

My name is Mohammad Faheemuddin and people call me Faheem. When I was young, I had a really big problem introducing myself. This was quite rare a name back there. Whenever somebody asks me, "Whats your name?", I'd be in a dilemma whether or not to say my name. I hesitatingly say it out. And the first reaction I always get is,
"Sorry, I didn't get you"
or "Phani??" or "Raheem??" or "Kaleem??" and a thousand other names but not Faheem.
After I explain to them that its F-A-H-E-E-M, they'd say "Oh ok, so, its FAAHIM". I hated it when people mispronounced it. Some of my school friends still call me FAAHIM. I tried a lot to tell them that it contains two Es and not two As. But they just don't get it. So, I gave up. Whenever my name is among a list being read out in public, I dread when my name comes. It always happened that the person reading out the names would pause at my name and read it carefully. But even after the pause, he would not pronounce it correctly. I used to get pissed off then. I mean its in writing, and u just have to read it out.

It was after I came to hyderabad, I saw that my name isn't that rare after all. And I was really happy to see that I don't have to explain the spelling to anyone here. I've met many people who share my name. Just today, while I was traveling in the bus, the guy who sat beside me was Faheem. It felt great to see so many people who shared my name (specially after such horrible experiences).

All the same, I've always liked my name and am happy with it. Though I had problems back then, whenever someone said "FAAHIM" or "FAHEEM", I knew they were calling me. :):)

Whats in a name, after all!! :)

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Millionaire in one day..


We are pleased to inform you that your email addressed have won the sum
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Dear awardee,
This is to notify you that your email have been chosen by the Board of Trustees of the Oxfam(NGO UK ) as one of the final Recipients of a Cash Compensation/Donation Scheme. Oxfam GB(U.K.) In line with the 61st anniversary program, Oxfam GB (U.K.) in conjunction with the European Council is giving( FOUR HUNDRED AND FIFTY THOUSAND POUNDS STERLING ) £450,000.00 each as specific Donations / Grants compensation to TWENTY (4) lucky International recipients worldwide in different Categories for Business and Social Development. Your Email was selected based on an internet random Selection exercise you are therefore confirmed as one of the lucky recipients.
For further information on requisites associated with the Processing and disbursement of £450,000.00. Please contact below for your award claims process along with the space which you fill in:


Mr.Peter Adams
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Now, if you have read all these mails, let me tell you that I found them in my inbox on a single day. So, u can imagine how lucky I have been. I got a chance of making about 13,000,000 pounds in a single day, just by sitting at home and mailing back to the given addresses. After I replied to all of them from my separate e-mail account created specially for these purposes, (I can't show you what I replied. My blog will get censored if I do) I started wondering if I'm the only lucky guy bestowed with such great gifts. Not only these, I also have got a mail about the death of a gentleman in England who, in his will, mentioned that all his property and money (worth 500,000 pounds) be given to me.

I always thought I was not famous. People don't recognize me. But after reading these mails, I came to know that I'm more than famous. People trust me. I wonder where they hear about me. I'm always given the responsibility of handling a charitable trust or the property of an englishman who wants his money to be distributed among the poor after his death. I'm also offered free loans. I won't be surprised if people come to me for autographs as soon as I land in any part of Europe.

Not only this, but as u can see from the above mails, people are also ready to sponsor for my "Business and Social Development". What can be better than becoming a millionaire in one day??!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

While I was away...

Didn't blog for a long time. Various obvious reasons for it. I've started playing FIFA.. started with FIFA 08 and it prompted me to download FIFA 09. (Yes, I hated football. but views are meant to change and change is the only constant in this world ). So, it became really difficult for me to find an hour free to write something on this blog while playing FIFA and watching movies.. and yeah, of course preparing for the exams. For those who don't know, I also had my semester exams this november. Among other things, I've been listening to a lot of A R Rahman, thanks to yuvvraaj (sorry about the spelling. can't help it), ghajini and Slumdog Millionaire.. Save a few songs, rest are just awesome tracks, as ususal.

And how can I forget CAT.. I had paid 1300 bucks for it (which eventually went into the gutter). I took the exam only because of those 1300 rupees. I felt I at least had to get a neat sealed question paper (it also came in a plastic cover which was a welcome surprise) which I would open sitting in the classroom of a women's college (ok ok.. It was a sunday. So don't get it in the wrong way). I risked my preparation for the next semester exam which was DCCN. To tell something about DCCN, well, it stands for Data Communications and Computer Networks. (or was it communication networks??!! watever..). This is all I learnt about that subject in the TWO classes I attended.

Talking about attendance, this sem, I didn't even attend many classes. I attended 2 classes each of DCCN, MCS and Microwave Engineering. The only classes I attended were those of HDL and DIP (not that I liked those subjects, but the person teaching those subjects looked after our attendance).. but this foresight didn't help, as I finally saw my name in the "Detained students" list. I then felt that you have to experience everything while you are graduating. So, being in the detained list was one of them. (The good part is that you are not actually detained). There's a lot to say about engineering. And I'm planning to write a separate post about these four years. Watch out for it!! ( I don't know when I'm going to write that).

What else happened while I was away? The recent attacks in Mumbai. Everyone's been talking about them. Bomb blasts these days have become so common. Its surprising if we don't hear of a bomb bast for a month. But these attacks were a bit different. They just didn't end with some blasts. The crazy guys (commonly called terrorists) then took their bags full of ammunition and started playing GTA in real life. They went about killing everyone they saw. And it took the elite combat teams in India about 3 days to kill them. The same old blame game starts all over again. Everyone starts blaming everyone. I think the terrorists enjoy this blame game. Whenever they see no one is blaming, they attack. And among all this blaming, people actually forget what happened and move on. And the crazy guys get away (obviously, planning for the next attack). Well, if people ask me what is to be done about these terrorists, I'd suggest them to watch "A Wednesday". It was really an awesome movie. Needless to say, Naseeruddin Shah did a wonderful job.

Talking about the movies I have seen while I was away, I've watched a lot of them.. Among the recent lot I watched Yuvvraaj (I don't know whats with the spelling), Dasvidaniya, Fashion and Dostana. Among these I liked Dasvidaniya the most. Fashion was ok. It was pretty long. And don't ask me about Dostana and Yuvvraaj. Dostana is full of gay jokes. And indians are pretty silly at gay jokes. To say something about yuvvraaj, I felt like I was watching a japanese animation cartoon for the first half an hour. The only actor I found in the movie was Anil Kapoor.

Thats it for now. If you read this blog expecting to be about a particular topic, then you've come to the wrong place. I wrote this only because I was bored of playing FIFA for a long time now and also NFS most wanted. And more importantly, my EXAMS are over. So, I have nothing else to do. But now, I guess I'll get back to playing FIFA. See u in the next post.

And a humble request to everyone who reads this. PLEASE POST YOUR COMMENTS. I know its really difficult posting comments on shit like this. But you just can't get away doing easy things always in life, can you? Your comments will help me make this shit better. :):) Thank you.